Basic Service Packages

Single Web Page

This service offers an easy and cost effective way for you to get a productive web page designed & hosted on the Web as quickly as possible. Set-up usually takes 7-10 business days. More


$9.95 / month

( billed monthly, Visa, MasterCard or AMEX required )

360° Virtual Tours

360° Virtual Tours are immersive environments which let your prospective customers experience scenes of your location or facilities almost as if they were there.

The Virtual Tour (sometimes referred to as a "photoshere") gives visitors the ability to "turn" (pan) left or right, look up and down, zoom in or out and see the entire surrounding scene. More

( billed monthly, Visa, MasterCard or AMEX required )

Freelance Web Design / Updates

$120 / hour (1 hour minimum)

Freelance service including design, updates, interactive web content, web-based application programming (HTML, XHTML, XML, Java, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, CGI: PERL/Python).

If you already have a web site that requires work please contact us for further details and availability.

Please contact us directly at 631-668-6402 or Email us providing a clear indication of your needs and we will respond quickly with a quote on the price of our services.

Unlimited Service Packages

Designed for clients who require larger and more complex web sites heavy in graphical/multimedia content and other high-bandwidth applications such as 360° Virtual Tours, or involving customized programming of dynamic web page content and interactive web-based systems. More

Static HTML Web Site Design & Hosting w/ Email: $1000 / year

Web sites designed using standard HTML documents saved on disk are referred to as "Static" because the web page will be exactly the same each time it is viewed by visitors, until changed manually by the web master. More

Interactive Web Site Design & Hosting w/ Email: $1500 / year

Our "Interactive" web site designs utilizes the technique of running a CGI program which dynamically generates web pages in Real Time based on visitors requests, available information, visitor/personal history & preferences, etc. More

Administration System (Interactive Sites ONLY): $500 / one time set-up fee

The web site Administration System, or "Admin" for short, allows the web site owner to make extensive changes to information ( menus, rates, photos, etc. ) on the web site without having to have any knowledge of HTML or web site design. More

E-Commerce (Shopping Cart) System
$1000 / one time set-up fee

SSL Secure Certificates
$60 / year per domain name